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In short, it's about having a positive impact. The program provides high school graduates with the perfect segue to university, while also serving as Evesco Edu's largest charitable fundraiser. In our inaugural summer (2020), SSU ran 4 university style courses to help over 190 students get ahead of university-level content. Since then, we've worked with hundreds of students to help them enter university more confident and prepared, while also creating lasting social connections with their peers. In the process, we've raised thousands of dollars for registered charities, fellow small businesses, and scholarships awarded to students in the program. That's what Evesco Edu is all about - using our platform to support our students and communities.

Summer School U: Text

Interested to know what previous students have thought about our program? Feel free to check out the program recap video above, or this video made for us by our 2020 SSU students. Our team of instructors takes pride in creating an engaging and educational program each summer, and this year will be no different! Try our program risk-free (see below) and let us show you what we're all about!

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Comprehensive analysis of cellular biology with applications in chemistry, genetics, and kinesiology. Has applications in biochemistry, microbiology, physiology, and more.

SSU 2022 Key Information:

  • Courses start on Monday, July 11th and end on Friday, August 26th

  • Each course will have 3 online lectures (1 hour and 20 minutes) and 1 office hour per week

    • The university writing course is only 4 lectures and is sold separately

    • All lectures are recorded, and attendance/participation is optional

    • Courses included hundreds of pages of notes, practice questions, solutions, and more

    • Students retain access to course materials throughout the school year

  • Scholarships awarded to multiple students registered in the program

  • Students can receive a full refund up until Wednesday, July 13th

    • Equates to a 3-day free trial of the program​

  • For any other questions or concerns, please email

  • Registration is NOW CLOSED.

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