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Summer 2020

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

As you may know by now, our company was originally just Summer School U, which launched in May of 2020. The goal of SSU was to help high school graduates transition to university, but also to raise money for 2 impactful charities: The Food Bank of Waterloo Region and Campaign Zero.

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone, but food banks in particular have seen significant stock shortages in the past few months. Some banks have seen over 50% increases in demand, which is simply astronomical. Despite $100 M in federal support, food banks nationwide are still struggling to cope with increased demands. That's why half of the charitable funds raised by SSU were donated to the Food Bank of Waterloo Region. We contributed $2500, which resulted in 7500 meals being provided to members of the community.

As preparation for our program was ramping up, George Floyd was brutally murdered in broad daylight in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Although not the first incidence of police brutality against the black community, this particular atrocity reinvigorated the Black Lives Matter movement. Peaceful protests have taken place worldwide in the weeks since, and the voices of advocates for social justice have been amplified. To support the BLM movement and contribute to creating meaningful change, our company donated the rest of our charitable funds to Campaign Zero. This recently founded non-profit organization is devoted to researching and implementing comprehensive legislative reform to combat police brutality.

In total, SSU raised $5000 for these 2 charities. Although the program has ended for this summer, it has inspired us to continue our charitable donations moving forward. We can't wait to educate ourselves about the ongoing issues in the world, and the amazing charities that help address them. Have any suggestions what September's featured charity should be? Drop it in the comments below!

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