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May-August 2021- SSU Charitable Contribution

For the 2021 Summer School U charitable contribution, we are so excited to announce that 10% of our profits will go towards 5 different and unique small businesses. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to make a charitable contribution that was local, direct and would have a visible impact. We felt that supporting small businesses was the best way to accomplish this as it is no secret that they have been among the hardest hit during this pandemic.

These businesses will be chosen through nominations by registered SSU students. This allows our students to be personally involved in our charitable contribution and make a difference within their community. More details regarding the nomination process for our registered students will come soon after the program commences and all businesses will be chosen and announced in August.

While our Charity of the Month program will be suspended to focus on this endeavour, we thank you for your continued support as it is what allows us to give back to our communities and contribute to causes that are important to us.

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