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April 2021- Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice

In recognition of the recent rise in Anti-Asian hate crimes and overall Anti-Asian racism, our April charity of the month is the Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice (CCNC-SJ).

The CCNC-SJ works to educate and advocate for equity and justice for all Canadians. Originally founded in 1980 after successful national protests against a racist TV show which falsely depicted Chinese-Canadian students as foreigners, the CCNC-SJ was revived and re-incorporated in 2019. The CCNC-SJ has a deep-rooted history of community activism and is committed to establishing equity and social justice for all Canadians.

Their current goals are not impeded by the pandemic but are instead shaped by them, as Anti-Asian racism makes a terrible resurgence within Canada due to COVID-19 misinformation. The CCNC-SJ’s main focus is to empower and equip Canadians with the tools to combat Anti-Asian racism through online resources and social media.

Their current campaigns include Fight Racism in Canada, Stop Online Hate, #FaceRace, and Stop the Spread. These campaigns are a combination of learning series and resource centres for Canadians to educate themselves on racism and prevent the spread of Anti-Asian hate. For example, their #FaceRace campaign is a living history of the experience of racism by Chinese and Asian Canadians during the global COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

For more information or to make a donation, you can visit their website here.

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